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Volume 9, Issue 4, 2019

Study on Capital Structure: Evidence from Selected Pharmaceutical Companies in India

Authors: M.M. Sindhura Priya, Dr.S. Ranjith Kumar
Keywords: Cash Flow, Profitability, Liquidity Capital Structure, Bankruptcy
Pages: 94-100
Paper ID: 190052
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Cultivating Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Role of Communication

Authors: Navjyoti Singh Negi, Rakhee Ghanshala, Dr. Manish Kumar
Keywords: Communication, Organizational Citizenship, Organization Loyalty, Organizational Obey, Organizational Participation
Pages: 101-110
Paper ID: 190053
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Mediating Role of Perceived Value between Attachment and Loyalty

Authors: Swati Prajapat, Dr. Nupur Ojha
Keywords: Brand Attachment, Loyalty Intension, Perceived Value, Stimuli-Organism-Response Model
Pages: 111-120
Paper ID: 190054
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Reducing Harmful Effect of Oil Refinery Companies in Tikrit, Sala Al Deen by Using Environmental Accounting

Authors: Yousif Hameed Nayyef
Keywords: Bookkeeping Revelation, Hurtful Outflows, Condition, Oil Refining Organizations
Pages: 121-127
Paper ID: 190055
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Economical Impact of Organic Products Production and Export in Tamil Nadu, India

Authors: C.M. Ezhilvani, Dr.A. Jayakumar
Keywords: APEDA, Economical Impact, Organic Food Products, Organic Products Export, Organic Products Production
Pages: 128-134
Paper ID: 190056
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Impact of Monetary Policy changes on the Indian Stock Market and Monetary Market

Authors: Dr.M. Jothi, Dr.G. Suresh, Dr. Kavitha Jayakumar
Keywords: Monetary Policy, Stock Market, Event Window, Stock Return
Pages: 135-144
Paper ID: 190057
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The Peculiarities of Implementing the World Experience in the Process of Un shadowing the Economy of Ukraine

Authors: Iryna Markina, Vasiliy Nadraga, Nikolai Somych, Olena Illiashenko, Tymur Ishcheikin
Keywords: State Safety, Directions of Un Shadowing, Official Economy, Level of Shadow Economy, World Experience, Shadowing of Social-economic Relations
Pages: 145-156
Paper ID: 190058
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Globalization in the Economies of Kazakhstan and China

Authors: Alexandra Timokhovich, Yulia Loktionova, ArtemTsirin, Viacheslav Sevalnev, Artem Lukyanets
Keywords: Globalization, Integration, Economic Development, Cooperation, GDP, Import, Export
Pages: 157-166
Paper ID: 190059
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Fiscal Aspects of Ensuring Eccess to Education in Ukraine

Authors: O. Varchenko, I. Svynous, O. Rudych, О. Dragan, K. Tkachenko, S. Batazhok, O. Gavrik
Keywords: Budget Financing of Education, Expenditures of the Consolidated Budget of Ukraine, Preschool Education, TAX Discount, Financial Support for Preschool Education
Pages: 167-175
Paper ID: 190060
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Features of Food Security of the Country in Conditions of Economic Instability

Authors: Grygorii M. Kaletnik, Olena V. Shubravska, Marat I. Ibatullin, Dmytro F. Krysanov, Yevhenii M. Starychenko, Kateryna V. Tkachenko, Olha O. Varchenko
Keywords: Food Security, Household Income, Indicators of Adequacy of Food Consumption, Rational Consumption Rates
Pages: 176-186
Paper ID: 190061
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