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Volume 9, Issue 2, 2019

Role of Employee Engagement in Determining the Employee Loyalty: Evidence from Indian IT Sector

Authors: Ch. Hymavathi, Dr. Vidya Sagar. Mullapudi
Keywords: Employee Engagement, HRD Practices, Employee Satisfaction, Employee Loyalty, Indian IT Sector
Pages: 92-102
Paper ID: 190021
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Workplace Wellness and Employee Engagement in Information Technology Services

Authors: M. John Britto, Dr.R. Magesh
Keywords: Work Place Wellness, Work Related Stress, Employee Engagement, IT Industry
Pages: 110-119
Paper ID: 190023
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A Theoretical Framework Showing the Contextual Relationship between Corporate Branding and Its Dimensions Using ISM and Fuzzy MICMAC Analysis

Authors: Dr. Archana Singh, Nehajoan Panackal
Keywords: Corporate Responsibility, Branding, Reputation, ISM, MICMAC
Pages: 120-129
Paper ID: 190024
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The Role of Business Development Management Consultants in Construction Industry in India

Authors: Dr.G. Kiran, Dr.L.V. Appasab, Dr.Kavitha Gowda
Keywords: Construction, Business, Development, Management, Consultants
Pages: 130-137
Paper ID: 190025
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Development of the Risk Insurance Zone for High-Tech Enterprises

Authors: Ekaterina Vinogradova, Liudmila Tsvetkova, Larisa Orlaniuk - Malitskaia
Keywords: Enterprise Risk Management, Insurance, High-tech Enterprise, Innovation Risks, ERM
Pages: 138-148
Paper ID: 190039
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Commercial Organizations and Marketing: Issues Concerning the Market

Authors: Nikolay Tutrin, Valerii G. Petrov, Nail T. Israfilov
Keywords: Marketing, Commercial Organizations, Market, Competitors, Pricing Policy, Sales, Marketing Tools, SPACE-analysis
Pages: 149-158
Paper ID: 190040
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Budgetary Agricultural Funding Programs in Ukraine

Authors: O. Varchenko, I. Svinous, O. Rudych, О. Dragan, K. Tkachenko, L. Hutko, L. Ivanova
Keywords: Budget, Budget Program, Agriculture, Budget Support of Agriculture
Pages: 159-167
Paper ID: 190041
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