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Recently Published Articles

Financial Performance in Maruti Suzuki

Authors: Raja Narayanan, Sandhir Sharma
Keywords: Finance, Motor Company, Financial Position, Maruti Suzuki
Pages: 01-07
Paper ID: 190026
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Impact of Financial Antecedents on Financial Performance of SMEs in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh

Authors: Yadavalli. Srinivasarao, Dr.N. Giri Babu, Dr.T. Narayana Reddy, Dr. Srinivasa Rao Bandaru
Keywords: Economy, GDP, SMEs, Financial Factors, and Financial Performance
Pages: 08-15
Paper ID: 190027
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Evaluating Financial Strengths of Selected PSU Steel Companies

Authors: Dr.R. Mahesh, Dr.S. Ranjithkumar
Keywords: Steel Industry, PSU, Financial Strength
Pages: 16-21
Paper ID: 190028
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Gig Economy – Transformation among Millennials Generation

Authors: Dr.N. Venkateswaran
Keywords: Freelancers, co-work Spaces, Crowd Sourcing, Career Mobility
Pages: 22-27
Paper ID: 190029
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Humanitarian Logistics: A Key Factor in Disaster Management

Authors: Dr.G. Vidya Bai, Daniel Frank, Dr.K. Satish, Protichi Chatterjee
Keywords: Humanitarian Logistics, Local Community, Disaster-Relief, Government, Natural Disaster
Pages: 28-34
Paper ID: 190030
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Impact of Employees Education on Employer Branding Dimension and its Effectiveness – A Study

Authors: M. Bagirathi, Dr.R. Magesh
Keywords: Employer Branding, Organisation, Deemed Universities, Dimension
Pages: 35-40
Paper ID: 190031
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The Formation of Anti-Recession Infrastructure of Agro-Food Sector Enterprises

Authors: Iryna A. Markina, Volodymyr K. Rudyk, Nikolai I. Somych, Oleh O. Dobrenko, Elena M. Ovcharuk
Keywords: Management, Anti-recession Infrastructure, Agro-food Sector Enterprise, Technological Platform, Model
Pages: 41-48
Paper ID: 190032
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The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Company Evaluation and Purchase Intent

Authors: Sakapas Saengchai, Watcharin Joemsittiprasert
Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, Customer Response, Customer perception of CSR, Customer Trust on CSR, Customer Awareness of CSR, Company Evaluation and Purchase Intention
Pages: 49-60
Paper ID: 190033
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E-market Platform for Business Linkage among the Networks of Cooperatives Distribution Center (CDC) in Thailand

Authors: Narongsak Jukrkorn, Rataphol Sangkhasuk, Surangrad Seangsri, Wilasinee Wangthapan
Keywords: Online Marketplace (or Online E-Commerce Marketplace), Business Linkage, Cooperative Product Distribution Center
Pages: 61-68
Paper ID: 190034
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The Maximizing of Airline Revenue through Loyalty Program

Authors: Sanhakot Vithayaporn
Keywords: Loyalty Program, Frequent Flyer, Airline Marketing, Revenue, Airline Alliance
Pages: 69-74
Paper ID: 190035
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