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Recently Published Articles

Microfinance Impact on Women Empowerment Attained through Self Help Group in Kanchipuram, TN, India

Authors: V.R. Radhaakrishnan, Prof. Dr.V.M. Shenbagaraman
Keywords: Microfinance, Political Empowerment, Decision Making Capacity, Managerial Skills, Women Empowerment
Pages: 1-10
Paper ID: 190011
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Women Rights in their Workplace and Home in Manufacturing and Service Sector in Chennai City

Authors: R.V. Snigdha Preethi, Dr.M. Valliappan
Keywords: Women Employees, Violence, Workplace, Domestic Rights, Women Rights
Pages: 11-18
Paper ID: 190012
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Gamification and Employees Perception: An Empirical Evaluation Using Gamification Effectiveness Scale

Authors: Prof. J.R. Vaishnavi Prasad, Prof. Jacob Alexander, Dr. Siddharth Misra
Keywords: Enterprise Gamification, Diffusion of Innovations, Employee Perception, Employee Engagement
Pages: 19-27
Paper ID: 190013
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Effect of Multimedia Learning on Science

Authors: Dr.K. Nachimuthu
Keywords: Multimedia, Science Learning, Techniques, Interactive Video, Utility Scale, Higher Learning
Pages: 28-34
Paper ID: 190014
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Young Rural Consumers Behaviour: Demographics and Purchase Pattern towards Smart Phones

Authors: Dr. Jyoti Rana
Keywords: Consumer Behaviour, Purchase Pattern, Smart Phones, Demographics, India
Pages: 35-45
Paper ID: 190015
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Impact of Social Network Advertisements on Brand Equity of Wellness Firms and the Mediating Role of Brand Awareness: An Empirical Analysis

Authors: A Sai Manideep, Dr.M. Siva Koti Reddy Reddy, Dr.P. Srinivasa Reddy
Keywords: Social Networks, Advertisements, Brand Awareness, Brand Equity, Mediation, Wellness Firms
Pages: 46-53
Paper ID: 190016
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Emotional intelligence and Performance of Faculty in Management Education

Authors: S. Joyce, Dr.R. Magesh
Keywords: Management Education, Post-graduation, Institutions, Emotional Intelligence, Faculty Performance
Pages: 54-60
Paper ID: 190017
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Shoppers Propensity on Supermarket Chain Store Attributes in Grocery Retailing

Authors: S. Catherine, Dr.R. Magesh
Keywords: Customer Preference, Convenience, Exclusive Design, Grocery Retail Store Format, MDS Technique, Specialty Stores, Store Choice
Pages: 61-67
Paper ID: 190018
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