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Adolescent Attachment towards Passion, Intimacy and Commitment for Spirituality Establishment

Dr. Aruna Dhamija


This study has analyzed psychometric characteristics of adolescents with ‘triangular love scale’, which evaluates three components in relationship: passion, intimacy and commitment. By considering data from adolescent dataset of age 12-18 years, it is evident that convergent validity determines dimensionality of passion, intimacy and commitment that are probably correlated with relationship fulfilment and duration. Proofs have been found for diverse validity, as adolescent perspective based benefits are involved in relationship shows association patterns with passion, intimacy and commitment. At last, confirmatory analyses are provided by Fuzzy set where questionnaire were specified to load these correlated factors (passion, intimacy and commitment). As an outcome, these factors are considered to be more appropriate for use with adolescent relationship.

Keywords: Triangular Love Scale, Passion, Intimacy, Commitment, Validity, Adolescent

Volume: 9 | Issue: 4

Pages: 77-86

Paper ID : 190050

Issue Date: December , 2019

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