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Impact of Supply Chain Management Practices in Inventory & Freight Forwarding Industries

Dr.T. Sarathy, Dr.L. Karthikeyan, A. Sandhya


Logistics plays a crucial role in the upliftment of Supply chain management (SCM) in improving its supply chain efficiency, and so the performance. Many companies in Tamilnadu that previously did not devote much time or energy to the management and understanding of logistics have begun to pay attention. General literature in SCM and logistics measure is quite extensive and a number of papers deal with supply chains. Tamilnadu, is positioning itself as a integrated logistics hub with major ports in Tuticorin and Chennai. Transportation and inventory have been identified as one of the building blocks for future growth, enabling Tamilnadu’s GDP to grow considerably. This research work proposes to explore a gamut of SCM and develop models that affect supply chain performance and organization performance. The research endeavors to study the strong influence exerted by SCM on the successful performance of a firm. Further, this research has made an attempt to build up a valid and reliable instrument to determine the extent of influence that SCM components and supply chain performance shall exert on organizational performance. This would extremely be helpful for SCM executives to take strategic, tactical and operational decisions regarding their organizations. Thus, this research work would be immensely useful to the organizations pertaining to SCM, policy makers, practitioners, researchers and academicians.

Keywords: Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Inventory, Transportation

Volume: 9 | Issue: 4

Pages: 70-76

Paper ID : 190049

Issue Date: December , 2019

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