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Role of Electronic Human Resource Management Systems in Public and Private Financial Institutions: A Case Study

Smita Singh


The present IT managers perspective is that Information system provides a major role in process of decision making. Ultimate target of this investigation is to recognize challenges related with maintenance and e-HRM implementation provides suggestions for enhancing e-HRM system efficiency. This study presents comparative analysis amongst services versus manufacturing sector for e-HRM adoption in various IT companies. Extensive structure of this research design integrates the view of pertaining possible methods for initiating e-technology to HR systems; HR functionalities based of e-technology; barriers in implementing e-HRM; HR service tools utilization; respondents view with regards to companies position in e-HRM system implementation and views of respondents on diverse factors of e-HRM functions. E-HRM execution includes numerous challenges with suggestions like information security, set up cost, IT culture, and loss of human interaction. Constant feedback and monitoring are crucial for e-HRM success over any organization. Installation of e-HRM based on various perspectives and remembering all the challenges in mind is a complex task. This study shows analysis over e-HRM implementation in recruiting process, also difficulties are also analyzed. So that it can be reduced in future.

Keywords: Human Resource Information Systems, E-HRM, Recruitment, Organization, e-technology, Barriers, IT Culture

Volume: 9 | Issue: 4

Pages: 46-56

Paper ID : 190046

Issue Date: November , 2019

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