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Electronic Human Resource Management (e-HRM): A Conceptual Case Study

Smita Singh


This study pretends to highlight and explain conceptual framework of E-HRM (Human Resource Management) systems of HR organization which determines organizational capability, nimbleness, ability and rapidity. However, the significant activity of E-HRM system includes operational functionalities that are observed as source of benefits in todays changing markets and competitions. Likewise, it has been competitive IT market expansion; therefore, now-a-days, situation is extremely complex to improve sustainable growth in IT firms side. Thus, idea is to project E-HRM system to facilitate IT firms or organizations to understand external and internal customers value, products, competitive advantages, technology and knowledge about competitors. It is significant to ascertain that business success is determined along with belief of IT organization attains competitive achievements with E-HRM system to people effectually and adequately. Henceforth, this article emphasizes certain research propositions that how IT organizations can quickly responds to changing scenario devoid of facing market turbulences with E-HRM system. Subsequently, the research attempts to project whether organizational and HRM values can actually create influence and difference over business performance. At last, result of this investigation highlights significance of E-HRMs and organizational agility with E-HRMs which have an impact on improving competitive abilities and IT based organizational performance.

Keywords: E-HRM System, Products, Competitive Benefits, IT Organization, HRM Values, Business Performance

Volume: 9 | Issue: 4

Pages: 34-45

Paper ID : 190045

Issue Date: November , 2019

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