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Antecedents and Consequences of Attitude towards Organic Food

Dr. Suhan Mendon, Dr. Suraj Francis Noronha, Dr. Smitha Nayak, Aruna Doreen Manezes, Daniel Frank


The purpose of this research paper is to explore the impact of various exogenous latent variables namely, consumer knowledge, health consciousness, ecological welfare benefits, environmental concern, health consciousness, subjective norms and personal norms on endogenous latent variables namely, attitude, purchase intention and loyalty on organic food. The data is collected through structured questionnaire by cross sectional study method. The sample size is 267. Statistical analysis was done by using Smart-PLS3 software. PLS-SEM approach is found to be appropriate for the purpose of analysis of constructs and their corresponding data. PLS algorithm is used to calculate the measurement model and model fitness. Bootstrapping has been done in order to test the validity of hypothesis. The testing of hypothesis confirms the strong relationship between consumer knowledge and attitude, personal norms and attitude, subjective norms and attitude, health benefits and attitude, ecological welfare benefits and attitude, attitude and purchase intention and attitude as well as attitude and loyalty. Importance performance matrix analysis is done to identify the strength of each construct and to measure the impact of it on endogenous latent variables. It has been found that there is a need for improving the indicators pertaining to the construct consumer knowledge and environmental concern.

Keywords: Consumer Knowledge, Environmental Concern, Purchase Intention, Attitude, Loyalty

Volume: 9 | Issue: 4

Pages: 06-21

Paper ID : 190043

Issue Date: November , 2019

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