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E-market Platform for Business Linkage among the Networks of Cooperatives Distribution Center (CDC) in Thailand

Narongsak Jukrkorn, Rataphol Sangkhasuk, Surangrad Seangsri, Wilasinee Wangthapan


This research aims to design the linkage system among networks of Cooperatives Distribution Center (CDC) The research methodology used Participatory Action Research, the sample for study consisted of 8 pilot centers from all regions in Thailand. Data collection employed series of workshop with a pilot product distribution center and an interview to product distribution center of private business. The results of the study found that the Cooperative Product Distribution Center lacked the IT system as an E-Marketplace to facilitate in trading among the network. The output of the research was a system of E-Marketplace Platform which would help facilitate the trade among the Cooperative Product Distribution Center all over the country, help manage the payment system, help manage the transportation system including collect a lot of statistic data for planning in buying, distribution and it was information for the cooperative and the Cooperative Promotion Department to use in planning the potential development of the product distribution center to be an significant mechanism in business linkage of the production network and marketing of the cooperative further.

Keywords: Online Marketplace (or Online E-Commerce Marketplace), Business Linkage, Cooperative Product Distribution Center

Volume: 9 | Issue: 3

Pages: 61-68

Paper ID : 190034

Issue Date: August , 2019

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