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The Formation of Anti-Recession Infrastructure of Agro-Food Sector Enterprises

Iryna A. Markina, Volodymyr K. Rudyk, Nikolai I. Somych, Oleh O. Dobrenko, Elena M. Ovcharuk


The organizational and functional provision of information-innovative component of agro-food enterprises crisis management using communication tools of technological platform to improve the economic situation has been developed. Within the technological platform the creation of the Research Park “Agro Engineering" to ensure the coordination of agro-food enterprises has been suggested to implement program-target tasks of the technological platform and the projects of anti-crisis development. The Research Park implements anti-crisis projects through innovation infrastructure, which is formed together with the founders, and includes permanently accredited ones (founding companies) and temporary (organizations involved in anti-crisis projects). The conducted studies indicate that the development of innovative infrastructure of the technological platform has to be performed on cluster basis. The implementation of the pilot project tasks of the technological platform will enable to introduce modern efficient production technologies, requiring the creation of infrastructure, which will ensure overcoming the financial crisis. The suggested model of the technological platform uniting the leading enterprises of agro-food sector, research institutions, creates organizational and methodical basis of transferring innovation developments of research institutions into production.

Keywords: Management, Anti-recession Infrastructure, Agro-food Sector Enterprise, Technological Platform, Model

Volume: 9 | Issue: 3

Pages: 41-48

Paper ID : 190032

Issue Date: August , 2019

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