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Impact of Employees Education on Employer Branding Dimension and its Effectiveness – A Study

M. Bagirathi, Dr.R. Magesh


In early 1990s Employer Branding was first introduced and later it was adopted by various management community globally. Brett Minchin Ton states current employees feel that organization is a great place of work. Employer brand is concerned with engagement and attraction. It also focuses on targeted retention initiatives to brand the employer. This gives a brand mark to an employer in the job market. Companys reputation and popularity is based on effective works of the employers based on their perspectives and values which give them a title called Employer brand. Life is connected with education. Education is one of the phases in everyones life. Employer branding is a field of research which has been selected with the interest of research. Teaching position and as a researcher in the field of human resources chosen Employer Branding as an interest. Based on the knowledge, brilliance and capabilities of the employees Deemed Universities are succeeded. Deemed Universities are organizations based on the knowledge and their capabilities which shown an intangible asset. Werner says that the resource should be valuable, imperfectly imitable, rare and no-substitutable. RBV views the advantage and competitive of an organisation. (Resource Based View of the firm). To provide competitive advantages of an organisation human capital is more important. Human capital gives imperfectly imitable, rare, and valuable to an organisation. The present study portrays the effectiveness of employees education on employer branding dimensions in deemed university as an employer. Recently studies are conducted on the employees insurance settings, military settings, and banking settings. To conduct this research deemed universities with their background and environment with different organisations to work. This study explores the various employer branding studies with various dimensions and settings. Employer branding in university is less explored research. To analyze this research deemed universities in Tamilnadu are taken to explore the Impact of Employees Education on Employer Branding Dimension and its Effectiveness in deemed universities in Tamilnadu.

Keywords: Employer Branding, Organisation, Deemed Universities, Dimension

Volume: 9 | Issue: 3

Pages: 35-40

Paper ID : 190031

Issue Date: August , 2019

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