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Humanitarian Logistics: A Key Factor in Disaster Management

Dr.G. Vidya Bai, Daniel Frank, Dr.K. Satish, Protichi Chatterjee


Recent natural disaster in two prominent southern states of India namely Kerala and Kodagu a district located in the southwestern part of Karnataka, has brought into light the importance of humanitarian logistics as a critical element of disaster relief process. This research titled “Humanitarian Logistics: A key factor in Disaster Management” highlights the need and importance of an active participation of the local communities, Non-Government Organizations, citizen volunteer groups, etc., of a disaster-affected area in the process of humanitarian logistics and also showcases the efforts by the authorities to integrate and help the local community in the humanitarian logistics required in the process of disaster-relief though case studies.

Keywords: Humanitarian Logistics, Local Community, Disaster-Relief, Government, Natural Disaster

Volume: 9 | Issue: 3

Pages: 28-34

Paper ID : 190030

Issue Date: August , 2019

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