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Gig Economy – Transformation among Millennials Generation

Dr.N. Venkateswaran


With current reduction of talented specialists and the globalization power to offer chances for more undersized nations, the gig economy is a foundation of impact in todays professionals generation. With the arrival of start-ups there is an increase in gig economy and 70 percent corporates in India using gig employees for their business processes. The participation of millennials in the gig economy lasts to grow and companies are keenly beating into this workers pool to recruit more employees off their balance sheets. In this research, we observe over a decade of research and data gathered from the generation of millennials exiting and entering the another labour force to recognize potentially prominent or statistically important inclinations over the years. The research chose 200 independent employees who has functioned freely for more than 2 years who explained their work as graphic designers, writers, artists, IT workers, consultants, independent publishers etc. This research recognizes that advantages from the viewpoint of millennials tend to overshadow the difficulties. The gig-economys advantages , namely high automation level, connect and independence with new openings and advent their abilities are observed to find relations with the professed profits. Whereas the disadvantages, namely over expectations, compliance issues, lack of training and career management problems are also observed to find relations with the supposed drawbacks.

Keywords: Freelancers, co-work Spaces, Crowd Sourcing, Career Mobility

Volume: 9 | Issue: 3

Pages: 22-27

Paper ID : 190029

Issue Date: August , 2019

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