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Highlighting the Impact of “Mindfulness” on Work Performance in Indian IT Firms

Rahul Gajbhiye, Nagendra Kumar Sharma, Gyaneshwar Singh Kushwaha


Success of an organization merely not based on the return on investment. It is based on the factors that are responsible in leading corporate overall wellbeing. In this case the performance of the employees is remarkable for every organization. There are many instances where we can easily observe that the corporate managers are not able to maintain an appropriate balance between professional life and their personal lives. The result for this situation is very critical as it causes several health issues among the people at work place such as stress and burnouts. Because of these issues the employees are not found mindful at workplace that affects their performance. The situation stimulates the social researchers to showcase these kinds of issues before the corporate and management thinkers in order to provide better solutions. In the present research the focus has been given on the investigation of the studies based on mindfulness and its connections with the performance of the employee. A set of questionnaire was developed for gathering information from six selected information technology (IT) firms. On the basis of the information caselets was developed.

Keywords: Employee Performance, IT Firms, Mindfulness, Mindfulness based Programs, Stress

Volume: 9 | Issue: 2

Pages: 74-91

Paper ID : 190020

Issue Date: June , 2019

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