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Influential Role of Retail Service Quality in Food and Grocery Retailing: A Comparative study between Traditional and Multi-channel Retailing

Dr.M. Sivakoti Reddy, Dr.S.M Murali Krishna


Retail service quality aspect is highly essential in the retail sector. The current research paper is intended to test the impact of retail service quality in both the traditional and multi-channel retailing. The service quality in the retail sectors may provide the customer satisfaction to the customers. The more satisfaction among the customers may leads to retain them for longer period and then develops the customer loyalty. The researcher adopted Dhabolkars retail service quality dimensions to test its impact over the customer satisfaction in the retailing sector. The researcher adopted the five dimensions such as physical aspects, reliability, personal interaction, problem solving and policy as the independent variables and the dependent variable of the study is customer satisfaction. The researcher conducted the analysis with the 560 collected samples.

Keywords: Retail Service Quality, Physical Aspects, Website Design, Reliability, Personal Interaction, Problem solving, Policy

Volume: 9 | Issue: 2

Pages: 68-73

Paper ID : 190019

Issue Date: June , 2019

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