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Shoppers Propensity on Supermarket Chain Store Attributes in Grocery Retailing

S. Catherine, Dr.R. Magesh


This study investigated to analyze the customer preference of retail supermarket chain store (grocery outlet) based on store attributes like location, service, communication etc., The study was conducted through a self designed questionnaire, and the data was collected from the customers of Chennai urban city . The size of the sample was restricted to 199. The types of retail format concentrated on this study are supermarket chain stores like MORE, Spencers and Reliance branded stores location etc. The MDS technique was applied to identify the preference based on convenience (Dimension 1) and Exclusive Design of stores (Dimension 2). The findings from the study reveals that the malls, specialty stores and hyper/super markets are preferred but grocers find specialty stores more convenient than others. This influence the retailers to put up their outlets inside the malls and be better placed against their competition. Grocers identifies the satisfied shoppers building them as patron shoppers. Consequently, retailers must develop strategies intended to build relationships that result in customers returning to make more purchases. So, the retailers can adopt a suitable strategy to sustain in the market and to meet the economic crisis situations.

Keywords: Customer Preference, Convenience, Exclusive Design, Grocery Retail Store Format, MDS Technique, Specialty Stores, Store Choice

Volume: 9 | Issue: 2

Pages: 61-67

Paper ID : 190018

Issue Date: June , 2019

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