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Emotional intelligence and Performance of Faculty in Management Education

S. Joyce, Dr.R. Magesh


Faculty are instrumental in moulding and nurturing global citizens of future. Management education looks very fascinating in terms of a rewarding career ahead and management education institutions (B-schools) are striving to not only to compete with each other but also to survive in current times of a dull employment scenario.There has been a drastic fall at the input level in most institutions that are affiliated to Universities and consequently the level of placements has suffered drastically with only a bright few getting decent salaries. The current scenario in India, therefore requires herculean efforts on the part of the Management and especially the main facilitators, namely the faculty, to provide all resources and training to mould the students and transform them to be accepted by Corporate. Research was undertaken to analyse the emotional intelligence levels of faculty and its impact on their performance given the fact that faculty are the core resource of such higher education institutions. 217 faculty serving in university-affiliated institutions offering full-time post-graduate management education programs were surveyed and the outcomes are discussed.

Keywords: Management Education, Post-graduation, Institutions, Emotional Intelligence, Faculty Performance

Volume: 9 | Issue: 2

Pages: 54-60

Paper ID : 190017

Issue Date: June , 2019

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