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Gamification and Employees Perception: An Empirical Evaluation Using Gamification Effectiveness Scale

Prof. J.R. Vaishnavi Prasad, Prof. Jacob Alexander, Dr. Siddharth Misra


Purpose – The purpose of this study is to measure employee perception towards enterprise gamification through development of Enterprise Gamification Effectiveness scale. Design / Methodology / Approach – After reviewing existing literature and integrating the five attributes of Diffusion of Innovations theory, Enterprise Gamification Effectiveness scale was developed. It was tested among 176 employees of a global consulting and outsourcing services, a Company employing gamification across its enterprise. The data collected was subjected to internal consistency reliability (Cronbach’s α) analysis and exploratory factor analysis using SPSS version 2.0. Regression analysis was conducted to gain a deeper understanding about the relationship between employee perception on gamification effectiveness and employee engagement. Findings – The five dimensions of Enterprise Gamification Effectiveness scale threw light on how employees perceived enterprise gamification. It also indicated that there is a positive and significant relationship between employee perception towards gamification and employee engagement. Research limitations / implications - The findings of the study cannot be generalized as the data is collected and collated from a single source. The data collected are subject to certain biasedness as the research focuses on the perception of individuals. Practical Implications – Enterprise Gamification Effectiveness scale developed under this study can be adopted by organizations to understand employee perception towards gamification and their outcomes. The same can be used to evaluate/enhance existing gamification platforms or to develop new ones. Originality / Value –The research incorporates theoretical aspects of gamification to develop a scale and empirically validates the instrument for future use. This tool can be adopted as such or adapted to suit the needs of the organization, in understanding employee perception towards gamification and help take further actions for desired results.

Keywords: Enterprise Gamification, Diffusion of Innovations, Employee Perception, Employee Engagement

Volume: 9 | Issue: 2

Pages: 19-27

Paper ID : 190013

Issue Date: May , 2019

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