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Women Rights in their Workplace and Home in Manufacturing and Service Sector in Chennai City

R.V. Snigdha Preethi, Dr.M. Valliappan


Overview: Women are more than half the population in the world, but they are not given their rights and space. They are physically and mentally strong but they are not recognized anywhere for anything. Now are days women are been well educated but are they educated about their rights is a big question mark, whether women fight for their own rights is question mark. Purpose: In this article we are mainly focusing about women human rights in their workplace and home. Are they decisions are taken into account? Women are been educated about their rights and benefits. Design/Methodology/Approach: Following a descriptive research design, quantitative and qualitative research is been used, convince sampling is used among 589 women employees and management in different manufacturing and service industry. The research instrument (structured questionnaire) was developed using a five-point Likert scale and interviewing method was used. The SPSS 22.0 statistical tool was used to examine and analyze the data. Findings: Women are not given equal rights either in workplace nor in home, they are facing domestic violence, their decisions are not taken into account, sexual harassment is occurring then and there, women dont even know their basic rights, in some industry women are not satisfied with the benefits given in their industry, carrier growth for women employees are not like male employees. Originality/Value: The study is original in the sense it provides insights into understanding womens human right in their workplace and home.

Keywords: Women Employees, Violence, Workplace, Domestic Rights, Women Rights

Volume: 9 | Issue: 2

Pages: 11-18

Paper ID : 190012

Issue Date: May , 2019

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