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Microfinance Impact on Women Empowerment Attained through Self Help Group in Kanchipuram, TN, India

V.R. Radhaakrishnan, Prof. Dr.V.M. Shenbagaraman


This Study makes a humble attempt to analyze the impact of microfinance on women empowerment attained through Self Help Group. The objective of this study is know whether micro finance has provided Political Empowerment, Enhanced Decision making capacity and improved managerial skills of women self-help group members who are actively participating in business through microfinance assistance and achieved the ultimate goal of Women Empowerment is the crux of this study. The primary data is collected through a well-structured questionnaire. The outcome of the result is that political empowerment has not taken up to the mark, decision making capacity has not improved, managerial skill has considerably improved and finally that leads to a considerable improvement in women empowerment. The findings of this study reveals that microfinance is a powerful tool in enhancing women empowerment.

Keywords: Microfinance, Political Empowerment, Decision Making Capacity, Managerial Skills, Women Empowerment

Volume: 9 | Issue: 2

Pages: 1-10

Paper ID : 190011

Issue Date: May , 2019

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